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Publications and Resources

General Outreach

The following outreach materials were designed to help businesses make the most of available programs and services. Print them from your own printer or contact us to request hard copies.

Multi-Family Service Guide
What Belongs in the Recyclables?
What Belongs in the Organics?
What Belongs in the Garbage?
What happens to your Recyclables?
What happens to your Organics?
What happens to your Garbage?
Avoid Wishcycling and Reduction and Reuse Tips Flyer
Multi-Family Recycling Requirements
Multi-Family Program Reminders
Multi-Family Move-In Guide
Multi-Family Move Out Guide



Wonder What Happens To Your Recyclables?




Wonder What Happens To Your Organics?




Proper Sort Makes a Difference!




What Happens To Your Garbage?




Use The Kitchen Pail to Reduce Waste




  • February 2020: No Additional Charge for Bin Push/Pull Services, Why Did Rates Increase?, Free Recycling Totes, Kitchen Pails, Posters and Presentations, Regulations Require Recycling and Composting, Minimize Water Pollution, No Sharps and Holiday Service Schedule.
  • November 2019: ACI of San Ramon is Your New Service Provider, Proper Sorting Makes a Difference, Recycling is Required-We Can Help!, Holiday Tree Collection and Holiday Service Schedule


Billing Inserts
  • November 2019: Do You Have Auto Pay? Garbage Rates Will Not Increase Until January 2020


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Food Scrap Recycling and Food Waste Reduction

General Waste Reduction, Reuse & Recycling Information

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Hazardous Waste / Electronic Waste

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