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Publications and Resources

General Outreach

The following outreach materials were designed to help businesses make the most of available programs and services. Print them from your own printer or contact us to request hard copies.

Commercial Service Guide
What Belongs in the Recyclables?
What Belongs in the Organics?
What Belongs in the Organics? – Food Service Version
What Belongs in the Garbage?
What happens to your Recyclables?
What happens to your Organics?
What happens to your Garbage?
Avoid Wishcycling and Reduction and Reuse Tips Flyer
Commercial Program Reminders and Hazardous Waste Disposal
Commercial Recycling Requirements
AB 827 Guidelines
AB 827 Multilingual Brochures
Virtual Resources



Wonder What Happens To Your Recyclables?




Wonder What Happens To Your Organics?




Proper Sort Makes a Difference!




What Happens To Your Garbage?




  • December 2020: Don’t Waste Food, Food Scraps and Food-Soiled Paper Belong in the Green Organics Containers, Did You Know? – Food Donation, Recycling and Composting is Required – We Can Help!, ReThink Disposables, Recycling Reminder – Cardboard, Holiday Service Schedule and ACI Thank You.
  • September 2020: AB 827 – New Onsite Container Requirements, Virtual Resources, Holiday Service Reminder, Proper Sorting Tips, Are Reusables Right for You?, All Businesses Must Subscribe to Recyclables, Organics, and Garbage Collection Services.
  • June 2020: COVID-19 Resources for Businesses, Guidance for Reusables, Thank you for Your Efforts!, Proper Sorting Keep Garbage Out of the Recyclables and Recyclables out of the Landfill, Did You Know?, Regulations Require Recycling and Composting, Holiday Service Schedule.
  • March 2020: No Additional Charge for Bin Push/Pull Services, Why Did Rates Increase on January 1, 2020?, California Regulations Require Recycling and Composting, Landscapers and Yard Trimmings, Holiday Service Schedule, Is Your Business Committed to Long-Term Sustainability? Become a Green Business Today!
  • December 2019: We are Excited to be a Part of your Community!, California Regulations Require Recycling and Composting – We Can Help!, Food Scraps and Food-Soiled Paper Belong in the Green Organics Containers, Holiday Service Schedule.


Billing Inserts
  • July 2020: City and State Regulations Require Recycling and Composting. We Can Help! Know What to Throw.
  • May 2020: We Support Our Community – Steps You Can Take to Help Us Help You!
  • November 2019: Do You Have Auto Pay? Garbage Rates Will Not Increase Until January 2020


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